Update for patients of Avenue Family Dental
                Drs. Matt Evans, Dawn Webster & Ted Kolsun

May 21,2020


We would like to thank all of our patients for being so understanding in this unprecedented time of COVID 19.  We are starting to get our clinic back up and running in the coming weeks, and are booking the most urgent cases that have been experiencing pain, swelling and infection.

It is still a challenge to get the appropriate personal protective equipment to provide safe care for all.  We are starting to book appointments based on what supplies we get week to week.

Your appointment will look very different to you when you see us next.  We will need to do a COVID prescreening questionnaire before booking your appointment, and the day you arrive we will text you when it is time to enter the clinic.  You will be asked to clean your hands and we will take your temperature.  You will be escorted to your room in a no touch manner.

Please do not have anyone accompany you inside, unless it is prearranged with the receptionist. Please have an electronic form of payment ready as we will not be able to accept cash.

In an attempt to get everyone taken care of and preserve what protective equipment we have, we will be having “dry” or non-aerosol days and “wet” drilling days.  We will be asking patients to use a special mouth rinse pretreatment, and will be utilizing a rubber dam whenever possible with high volume suction as it helps prevent aerosols from entering the dental operatory.

Please call the office at 250-595-1331 or email to inquire about making an appointment.  As the availability of protective equipment stabilizes we will be calling patients to book cleanings and checkups.  Please check back with us in the coming weeks.

This schedule will change weekly depending on which doctor is seeing patients.  Please be patient with us as we navigate through this pandemic together!